well, there goes my sanity.

20. US. I love EXO, Doctor Who, Star Wars, K-dramas, The Hunger Games, Merlin, Disney, SHINee, LOTR, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Sometimes I make crappy gifs. But I mostly just reblog a lot of EXO. And I mean a LOT. Biases: Xiumin, Luhan, and Baekhyun. BrOTP: Xiuhan.

baekhyun outside the SM building

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Tracklist - Exo Overdose

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秀敏 | you make me want to save you | Kim Min Seok

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make me choose:
    ↳ gikwang / baekhyun (for joonheong)

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e x o - m
e x o - m


Happy Birthday Luhan



of transitions and reflections

6/500 exo airport appearance
6/500 exo airport appearance

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Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose

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